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More and more people are choosing a part-time job to enjoy the beautiful side of life more intensively. But illnesses and family obligations mean that only part-time employment is possible. If you have a part-time job and need a lot of money for special purchases, it’s worth taking a loan.

Contrary to popular belief, a part-time job is not an exclusion criterion for granting credit. The banks are only interested in whether you have a regular and high enough income.

However, it is possible that the loan amount granted will be lower than for full-time employees. However, this is not due to the reduced working hours, but rather the often lower earnings.

Part-time job loan – what additional income is taken into account?

Part-time job loan - what additional income is taken into account?

Of course, if you work freelance in addition to your part-time job or have a small private business, you have an extra income. However, these additional revenues are not or only partially taken into account when applying for funding. After all, many banks are of the opinion that you can give up the sideline at any time and at will.

That’s true, but you also have this “freedom” with your part-time job. If your monthly income is enough to earn a living and you have enough money to repay, nothing will stand in the way of a part-time job loan.

Credit with part-time job – what should you pay attention to?

Credit with part-time job - what should you pay attention to?

For small loans, it is often not necessary to provide a proof of income. The presentation of identity card and debit card is usually sufficient for small sums and discretionary loans. Since you earn less money than full-time employees with your part-time job, you should not be overwhelmed by the monthly installment and term.

Better play it safe and opt for low rates and a long term, so you do not fall into the debt trap. If you are careful and have a good budget, there will be no problems with the part-time job loan.

Credit comparison on the Internet

Credit comparison on the Internet

Before you accept the “tempting” credit offer of your house bank, you should inquire on the Internet for alternatives. Many online banks offer loans on favorable terms, so you will benefit from low interest rates and long maturities.

By comparison, you have the opportunity to compare all offers within a few minutes. Thus, you no longer fall for overpriced providers and can save a lot on part-time credit.

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Parents of college or university students have been warned, it is September very soon again. And you can feel that in the wallet. How do you finance your child’s study costs?

Your 13th month has melted like snow in the sun. And the end-of-year bonus … you will only receive it at the end of the year. In the meantime, the costs in the month of September are well on the increase, you would be crazy for less. How do you solve that? A few options.

9 tips to reduce university or college costs


There are many smart ways to pay less for your children’s studies:

  1. Study allowances for lower enrollment fees.
  2. Buy second-hand courses, furniture, …
  3. Gifts . With friends or family or in Facebook groups you will probably find things that others no longer need.
  4. Benefits for students . On presentation of their student card, young people receive a lot of discounts (public transport, sports, hobbies, food, etc.).
  5. Hunt for bargains . Buy in the sales, find discounts, go to sell out or have devices repaired instead of buying new ones. And for food there are solutions to save leftovers from the garbage.
  6. Group purchases . You can find group purchases for many products and services: energy, bicycles, vegetables, etc.
  7. Rent or borrow. Find what your student needs in the area or at specialized rental companies.
  8. Put your hands out of the sleeves . Go to work yourself to make furniture, curtains, … This saves you hundreds of euros. There are a lot of videos on the internet that show you how to do it or take part in workshops in your area.
  9. The student loan. A way to spread the costs of September over different months.

The cost of a year of university or college, a serious budget

The <a href=cost of a year of university or college, a serious budget” />

A school year in higher education costs between 5,000 and 10,000 €. There are not only the direct costs such as the registration fee and course material, but also a lot of additional costs.

The direct study costs

The study costs are a serious bite out of the budget, money that you must pay immediately in September :

  • The registration fee: between € 200 and more than € 800 depending on the type of education
  • The course material and courses: estimated at € 300

Other costs at the start of the academic year

Unfortunately, the list of costs in September is not yet complete …

  • The living and living costs when your son or daughter is in a room. In addition to the rent for the student housing, there is also the layout, the insurance, the rent guarantee …
    • Tip for the stay: Living together is more interesting than an individual room.
  • The material . Things like a computer are essential. For some studies (art, hospitality, medicine) specific material is added.
  • Costs for public transport when your student commutes. Although an annual subscription is cheaper, you have to pay the amount in one go at the start.
  • Travel by car . Your son or daughter may need a car themselves and that, even second-hand, costs a lot of money. And whether he or she uses your car or your own vehicle, there are always costs for fuel, maintenance …
    • Make the calculation: Buying a vehicle is sometimes cheaper than renting a flat. Moreover, you can often pay off a car in several times, for example through a new car loan or a second-hand car loan.
  • S port: also the subscription to the sports club must be paid in September.

All costs together accumulate to a few hundred, even thousands of euros that you have to pay at the start of the academic year. That is a lot of money to spend in one month.

Take your precautions: apply for a student loan before September


Even though we are doing it smart, in September there are always essential basic costs such as the purchase of a new computer, the rent guarantee and the first month’s rent.

Our tip : Do not make it difficult for yourself and spread your costs over several months. Request a student loan to pay the costs of your diligent students. You can pay off this loan in 24 to 36 months and the credit can be granted within the week .

Do a free online simulation to know what your monthly payment would be for a student loan in function of the chosen repayment duration.

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Saving money for a bigger purchase, such as traveling or buying household appliances, may seem difficult. You will have to change your spending habits and lifestyle, but it is worth striving for an important goal. No matter who you want to save money on, these tips will make it easier for you.

Find out the best way to save money

Find out the best way to save money

There are several ways to achieve your money-saving goals, but one that works well for another. The main thing to keep in mind is try different ways to find what works best for you. Here are some examples:

  • Opening of a separate bank account. Nowadays, many banks offer an easy and quick way to open an additional account or savings account that can be used to transfer money for a specific purpose. Not only will this make it easier to keep track of how much you are accumulating, but it will also ensure that you do not spend this money intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Every week or month, set aside a certain amount to add to your savings! To start making money for a bigger purchase, it is important to understand what your financial situation is and how much money you can afford to spend on that particular money over a given period of time. They can be USD 20 per week, USD 100 per month, etc. depending on your regular income and expenses.
  • Pay less for second-hand goods! “What is superfluous to one is joy to another” – there is a great deal of truth in this saying. Buying second-hand goods is nothing new these days, for example, Facebook has a lot of buying and selling groups where you can buy clothes, shoes, furniture, home appliances, cars and more. things. This is a good alternative for situations where you want to save money. Of course, it is always advisable to look carefully before purchasing to avoid disappointment later.

Skillful shopping

Skillful shopping

Buying goods in bulk is not limited to the greats. If you have enough space in your home, buying larger items can even be useful and help you save. For example, if a store has a very good discount on goods that can be stored for an extended period of time, consider the potential savings, and if big enough, take the opportunity!

  • Don’t go to the store without a shopping list! This is one of the most popular strategies recommended for people who want to save money and avoid spontaneous purchases. In addition, it is advisable to list as specific products as possible, such as ‘1 kg potatoes, 500 g carrots’, etc., rather than ‘vegetables’. Note that this strategy only works if you really only buy what’s on the list!
  • Shop store brand products! If you want to save some money, it is worth buying specific brand products. Be sure to notice the different brands of their stores.
  • Comparing goods on the Internet. Since it is quick and easy to find goods and their prices online nowadays, it is wise to use this opportunity. For example, if you need new sports shoes, look at several stores and their offers to find the best deal!

The above techniques are based on other people’s experience and expert advice, so it’s up to you to choose the one that works best. As an additional alternative to making larger purchases, consumer loans are also considered useful in cases where the amount of money is needed as soon as possible or has gone unexpected. Always borrow responsibly and evaluate your options to repay the loan!

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Simple and fast paycheck loans online

We know that it is not possible to answer a question with a question, but we do. What does it mean for you to have a payday loan the best? If you are looking for the lowest possible interest rate, you may not find the same credit as if you would vote for the most comfortable solution.

If you get the most favorable payday loan from the rate of interest, then we are currently offering the Kasten Loan because in this case, THM can be 6.9%; Lower interest rates are only available for mortgage loans. However, with Kasten’s credit, the APR can go up to 19.9%, as it is always determined by your income position and the amount of credit you want to pick up. If your income and the amount of credit you want to buy are lower, you can get the most out of your payday loan from Hans Fair Express Plus. Namely, there are still only 7.97% of THM in this case. For more information according to paycheck loans online, read here!

If the simplicity of the application determines which is the most favorable payday loan for you. Then we recommend Kasten credit because you do not have to move out of the apartment to get it, you can do everything from home, online or even with paper documents. You may also want to look at our partner’s offerings here!

Speed ​​is the third aspect that many people choose. If you are looking for the fastest, you can definitely go with the MiniCredit, as you can get the money you need within an hour using the Express service!

And to answer the question in the title, you can request all of them online, but with the exception of the Mini Loan, you can choose the traditional method, that is, you can also visit the bank with the documents required for the application. But if you can apply online, why would you? Comfortable and easy to get the documents you need, too!

If you are looking for the most favorable payday loan, then you can easily compare the currently available options and find the one that suits you best! After that, you can start your application, but if you are not sure and would rather advise you, please contact us with one of our contact details.
You can compare banks’ current payday loan offers in one place!

Get a personal payday loan /get-a-personal-payday-loan/ Sun, 16 Jun 2019 05:28:17 +0000 Read More… Continue reading Get a personal payday loan]]>

A personal payday loan can be a useful tool when you decide to put your financial situation back on a positive track. When you permanently float in one or several large interest rates on a loan, it is very expensive. This situation can last months or years. To get out of the debt trap, oddly enough, you need to take out a loan again. The main thing is to assess their capabilities.

In addition, a personal payday loan can help you improve your credit history and increase your credit limit in case you use it to really get rid of debts, rather than increase new ones.

Do you need a personal payday loan?

Do you need a personal payday loan?

Before you start wondering where to get a loan of this kind and how to apply, the first thing you need to understand for yourself is whether this particular banking service will help you. First of all, ask yourself whether a personal payday loan will help you get out of debt faster or the difference in payments will make you even closer to the bottom of the debt trap.

personal payday loan should be used to close current debts. When contacting the lender, you should describe the reason for taking the loan. So use it and, therefore, calculate your abilities so as not to worsen your well-being.

Your credit report

Your credit report

Before you run to the bank to get a personal payday loan, check out your credit report. This can be done free of charge once a year by contacting the NBCH. Study your credit history as thoroughly as possible. If your situation does not allow you to get a personal payday loan, it is better to find out for yourself, than to give your CI a tough investigation from banks, which later will have a negative effect on the report.

On the other hand, if your story is very good, perhaps a personal payday loan would not be the best option for you. Instead, consider getting a credit card with a grace period, for example.
Most often, people with a score from 630 to 720 are best suited for getting a personal payday loan. If your score is far below this range, it will be difficult for you to qualify for this service. If your score is higher than 720 points, you are a good candidate for an interest-free credit card.

Where to get a personal payday loan

Where to get a personal payday loan

When it comes to getting a personal payday loan, the best place to start looking for a lender is your own financial institution, if, of course, your account is in good condition. They may have a lot of financial documents that will help you. In fact, you could already be pre-qualified for a personal payday loan from your bank because they already know about your needs and habits.
After you have “cast the bait” in your bank, look at the other options to make sure that you have chosen the most favorable conditions. Interest rates in different credit institutions will be different. In MFIs, the percentage is likely to be higher, but here they are more attentive to the client, study his situation in more detail and offer individual conditions.

In the 21st century, also, everyone has the opportunity to take a loan online. In addition to official lenders, there are special portals where some individuals can offer financial assistance to others. Loans on the Internet have a number of their advantages. Here you can get money faster. Claim a loan with a bad credit history. Find a convenient payment schedule and much more.

A personal payday loan can do a good service if you decide to put your finances in order, but only if you use it wisely and do not consider it, as an option to continue spending more than you earn.

Calculate your Zero-Grayscale Loan /calculate-your-zero-grayscale-loan/ Sun, 02 Jun 2019 05:58:04 +0000 Read More… Continue reading Calculate your Zero-Grayscale Loan]]> You are looking for a property and want to know if you can get a Zero Rate Loan (PTZ)? If you are a first time buyer, and you want to buy in the new or old, it is likely that you have access to this type of loan helped for your mortgage.

This loan simulator will let you know whether or not you can get a zero rate loan to become a homeowner and the amount you can claim depending on your situation.

2019 zero interest rate simulator

2019 zero interest rate simulator

Amount of the property Household composition 1 person 2 persons 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 persons 7 people 8 people and social housing purchase 

example: For a couple who wants to buy a new home at a price of € 200,000 with income of € 50,000 / year to year n-2 in Paris. After a loan simulation, the PTZ + that can be obtained is 80 000 €

How to perform my simulation of ptz?


The Zero Rate Loan allows a borrower to make money for real estate purchases without having to pay interest at the time of financing. Depending on the household income and the location of the property, the maximum amount that can be borrowed varies. This is a no-cost loan that can be granted by a banking institution under conditions.

To benefit from the ptz plus you must also be first-time buyer, that is to say that your real estate project must match the financing of your first principal residence.

To know if you are eligible for PTZ, you must complete all the fields of the simulator ptz:

  • Amount of property: Corresponds to the amount of property you wish to acquire.
  • Composition of the household: Number of people who will live in the property (be careful, we are talking about the number of inhabitants and not the number of borrowers). The income ceilings of the household vary according to the composition of the household.
  • Type of property: New or old. The conditions of obtaining are different according to the type of good.
  • N-2 Tax Revenue : Your taxable income for year N-2 of the current year.
  • Your city: Allows you to define the zone in which you are located and to determine if you are entitled to PTZ.

By completing this credit simulation, you will know if you are or not eligible for PTZ but also how much and how much you can claim for your loan.

The PTZ calculation also gives you an overview of your borrowing capacity for this type of loan.

THE Zero Rate Plus Loan: Definition


The new zero rate loan (ptz +) came into effect on January 1, 2011, it is a supplementary loan to a main credit. The PTZ has no fees or interest whatsoever. This type of loan is assisted, that is to say that the State grants it under a condition of eligibility. The PTZ + (or new ptz) is an evolution of the classic PTZ in force since 2011.

Not everyone has easy access to this type of zero interest credit. This measure has two objectives:

  • Support people wishing to become owners of a principal residence (old or new housing)
  • Encouraging people to buy environmentally friendly housing

Indeed, the PTZ facilitates the homeownership since there is no credit rate included in the monthly payments that you repay.

Access to the Zero Rate Loan is subject to certain conditions of ownership and zoning:

  • Not having owned in the last two years
  • The income or resource ceilings by zone of the PTZ:
Number of people occupying the property Zone A Zone B1 Zone B2 Zone C
1 € 37,000 € 30,000 € 27,000 24,000 €
2 € 51,800 € 42,000 € 37,800 33 600 €
3 € 62,900 € 51,000 € 45,900 40 800 €
4 74 000 € 60,000 € € 54,000 € 48,000
5 85 100 € 69 000 € € 62,100 € 55,200
6 € 96,200 78 000 € € 70,200 62 400 €
7 107 300 € 87 000 € 78 300 € 69 600 €
8 and + 118 400 € 96 000 € € 86,400 € 76,800
  • A loan that has a capped amount:

The amount of the PTZ is capped and depends on the area concerned:

Number of people occupying the property Zone A Zone B1 Zone B2 Zone C
1 60,000 € € 54,000 € 44,000 40 000 €
2 84 000 € 75 600 € € 61,600 56 000 €
3 102 000 € € 92,000 74 800 € 68 000 €
4 120,000 € 60,000 € € 54,000 € 48,000
5 138 000 € $ 124,400 € 101,200 € 92,000

For the duration of the loan, the repayment of the Zero Rate Loan can range from 20 to 25 years.

The PTZ is therefore a conventional loan agreement. It favors first-time homebuyers, especially for young borrowers. It is very advantageous for the borrower because there is no fixed rate to repay every month. You will be able to obtain this loan only if you meet the conditions of the ptz.

Save on your loan thanks to the delegation of insurance /save-on-your-loan-thanks-to-the-delegation-of-insurance/ Wed, 29 May 2019 06:17:16 +0000 Read More… Continue reading Save on your loan thanks to the delegation of insurance]]> If you have decided to take out a mortgage, you are in luck! If the rates are particularly favorable, know that insurance regulations too: you can now compete to renegotiate your loan insurance with your bank.

Save money thanks to the insurance delegation

Save money thanks to the insurance delegation

In addition to the bank loan, you will also need to take out credit insurance. If this is not mandatory, it is very often requested and proposed by your bank at the time of the loan. This credit insurance covers you in case of difficulties and reimburses the loan for you in case of death, disability or incapacity for work.

The insurance can represent up to 30 or even 40% of the cost of the loan and represents the part of the credit for which the banks make the most margin.

To help consumers to borrow less, the state has introduced the principle of insurance delegation : this principle allows the borrower to turn to an insurer other than the bank in which it has contracted his credit.

Despite the fact that this law has been in place for more than 6 years and the insurance market is changing, the French still do not dare to refuse the offer of their bank: indeed, only 12% of those who contract a loan are turning to a third party insurer. Yet this could help many borrowers reduce their monthly payments!

The law goes in your direction!


Since 2010, the Lagarde Law has introduced the principle of delegation of insurance: it is the fact that the bank can not refuse without reason the contract of a third party insurer if the guarantees are equivalent.

Since then, the law has been constantly changing in favor of borrowers : on February 8th, the Parliament finally adopted a measure, voted in joint committee, which will authorize to renegotiate every year the insurance contract for the duration of their loan.

The provision applies to all new loans and loans outstanding from January 2018.


In short, if you are under 40 and you are in great shape, you have every interest in comparing the offers of different insurers before borrowing: you could achieve some savings!

REAL ESTATE LOAN: SOME TIPS TO REDUCE COST /real-estate-loan-some-tips-to-reduce-cost/ Sat, 13 Apr 2019 05:49:22 +0000 Read More… Continue reading REAL ESTATE LOAN: SOME TIPS TO REDUCE COST]]> Obviously, the first tip comes from a broker, in this case. But it’s good advice! From experience, you will almost always get a better credit offer through a real estate broker than by going live with your bank.

Real Estate Loan – tips to reduce your mortgage cost or loan

Real Estate Loan - <a href=tips to reduce your mortgage cost or loan” />

It is not uncommon to fall back on his bank through a broker, and get a better rate thanks to him than you would have, or got live! Logic: Banks negotiate special terms with brokers to attract customers to them.

To lower the cost of credit, renegotiate

To lower the cost of credit, renegotiate

Another wise advice: study how much you cost your insurance, mandatory in the case of a mortgage. With the Hamon law, you can now cancel it in the year following the signing of the loan agreement, and buy another at a competitor for less! Even if the insurance has been sold to you by the bank …

Change of insurance, a good way to lower the cost of your mortgage

In the same way, you will soon be able to change your borrower insurance every year, on the anniversary date of the contract, even for old contracts . This is the consequence of the amendment Bourquin voted last year. It will come into effect on January 1, 2018.

Insurance contract

Insurance contract

Take a good look at the anniversary date of your insurance contract (often the same as the credit one) and remember to respect two months’ notice, and especially, to find a cheaper contract (but with the same guarantees!)

Finally for the last tip to reduce the cost of your mortgage

It is not too late to redeem his mortgage, despite the slight rise in rates since the beginning of the year. If the rate difference exceeds 1%, you will be the winner!

Personal Loans For Poor Credit – Get One Without Trouble /personal-loans-for-poor-credit-get-one-without-trouble/ Mon, 09 Jul 2018 16:16:24 +0000 Read More… Continue reading Personal Loans For Poor Credit – Get One Without Trouble]]> This no credit check payday loans scheme is like a bonus plan for the bad creditors

This particular scheme does not involve any type of credit check, so every type of credit holder may make an application for this and can have the money quickly. These loans will good for you to get rid of expenses might be anything such as urgent healthcare bills, grocery bills, drinking water bills, cost on automobile maintenance etc . And as opposed to the banks, any kind of document or any other hidden cost is not taken from you straight or indirectly.

This is how short-term loans appear in the image. Unlike the long-term loans you need to pay for a long period of time, the particular short-term loans otherwise known as payday loans are settled on the following paycheck. If you will come to consider it, the same day mortgage is an instant relief in order to financial troubles though it is far from really meant to be used is an investment. The good thing with a payday loan is that you could use it at any given time and you don’t need to present a great credit history.

Personal Goods – Individual goods, such as toiletries, medicines, and diapers, are often not really thought of as necessary, except if you are without them! Payday loans are an easy way to provide you with extra cash to cover these types of incidentals until your next salary.

Another thing to think about is the central and an integral consideration we should all bear in mind. In applying for financial payday loans, we should stick to our goals.

In order to avoid high APR, a single must be intelligent enough to analyze online. It is one of the most essential parts as far as payday loans are involved. As one talks to more and more loan companies, one is able to negotiate using them. This brings them a chance to avoid higher interest rates. Which is where one ensures an appropriate loan for oneself.

Easy exchange and pick-up!

The money is going to be wired directly into your account, and even straight to the billing firm. No hassles, no hassle! Whether the amount is little or large, you can be sure payday loans in Ontario can get you covered.

Probably even put in a place to create the pros and cons of having the loan. What measures will you go to make sure it really is paid off on time? What may other conditions show up to keep a person from paying it away from? Can you really afford this option? Can this payday loan complicate your own expenses further?

To avail debit cards loans you need to fill on the internet application of loan. In that type, you have filled some of your own personal detail which would be used simply by the lender to do the verification. Right after getting satisfaction lender might approve your application of mortgage as soon as possible. Moreover, you will get the total amount directly into your account.