Obviously, the first tip comes from a broker, in this case. But it’s good advice! From experience, you will almost always get a better credit offer through a real estate broker than by going live with your bank.

Real Estate Loan – tips to reduce your mortgage cost or loan

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It is not uncommon to fall back on his bank through a broker, and get a better rate thanks to him than you would have, or got live! Logic: Banks negotiate special terms with brokers to attract customers to them.

To lower the cost of credit, renegotiate

To lower the cost of credit, renegotiate

Another wise advice: study how much you cost your insurance, mandatory in the case of a mortgage. With the Hamon law, you can now cancel it in the year following the signing of the loan agreement, and buy another at a competitor for less! Even if the insurance has been sold to you by the bank …

Change of insurance, a good way to lower the cost of your mortgage

In the same way, you will soon be able to change your borrower insurance every year, on the anniversary date of the contract, even for old contracts . This is the consequence of the amendment Bourquin voted last year. It will come into effect on January 1, 2018.

Insurance contract

Insurance contract

Take a good look at the anniversary date of your insurance contract (often the same as the credit one) and remember to respect two months’ notice, and especially, to find a cheaper contract (but with the same guarantees!)

Finally for the last tip to reduce the cost of your mortgage

It is not too late to redeem his mortgage, despite the slight rise in rates since the beginning of the year. If the rate difference exceeds 1%, you will be the winner!